Everything You Need to Know About A24’s New Film Heretic


A24 continues to captivate fans in the best way possible. This fall, more specifically, on November 15, 2024, another film will grace the big screens. Heretic, starring the British legend Hugh Grant, takes a sinister turn that no one had ever expected. Grant, known for his roles as the everyday man, the love interest, or the man of many trades, is now questioning anything and everything regarding religion—a role that will surely pique the interest of his fans. What sets Heretic apart is its unique blend of psychological horror and thought-provoking religious themes, promising a cinematic experience like no other.

What is Heretic Going to be About?

The recent trailer released on June 25, 2024, left viewers in awe at the twisted story unfolding. Two missionaries, Sister Paxton (Chloe East) and Sister Barnes (Sophie Thatcher) go door-to-door, discussing their faith in God and religion. Unfortunately, no one appears to be interested… until they come across Mr. Reed’s (Hugh Grant) door. At first, they are apprehensive to enter his house as they are not allowed to go inside unless a woman is present. He reassures them that his wife is inside, baking a pie. Initially, everything seems harmonious, as the room smells like a pie is baking. Mr. Reed also appears to be a level-headed and spiritual person.

However, their peaceful day takes a dark turn when Mr. Reed excuses himself to check on the pie. Sister Barnes quickly realizes that the pie scent is actually from a candle. Their situation escalates into a hostile nightmare when they discover they are locked in the house. Their only apparent escape is through one of two doors labeled “Disbelief” or “Belief.” In a tense game of cat and mouse, the two girls must choose a door and face the terrifying consequences that lie beyond. The plot draws eerie parallels to real-life horrors, reminiscent of H.H. Holmes, the infamous serial killer who constructed a “murder castle” with hidden rooms and lethal traps.

Anytime A24 produces a film, expect to be intellectually stimulated and question your morality. In the case of Heretic, the film will delve into profound questions about faith and religion, leading viewers through a twisted maze of moral and religious dilemmas. The powers of God and the Devil will be at play, guiding the audience on a thought-provoking journey that will challenge their beliefs and perceptions.

Who are the Cast and Directors of Heretic?

Hugh Grant takes center stage in Heretic. Known for his recent comedic roles in Unfrosted, Wonka, and Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, Grant’s portrayal as the enigmatic Mr. Reed promises a departure from his usual characters, a refreshing change that will surely excite his fans. Joining him are Chloe East from HBO’s Generation as Sister Paxton and Sophie Thatcher from Showtime’s Yellowjackets as Sister Barnes. Both actresses bring depth and familiarity with complex moral themes, making them ideal choices for their respective roles.

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods directed Heretic. They have previously directed and written several films; most notably, they wrote A Quiet Place, a critically acclaimed horror film, and directed and wrote The Boogeyman and 65, both of which received positive reviews for their unique storytelling and suspenseful atmosphere.

Watch out for this thrilling film coming to theaters on November 15, 2024.