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Nepo Babies Are The Symbol Of Our Broken Meritocracy

The Take July 2020 - Primary Betty Draper
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Generational Culture

From Gen-Z and Millennials to Boomers and even… Gen Alpha! Take a trip through time to revisit some of our generation’s greatest challenges in this look at youth, culture, and crisis. Plus, what are the greatest obstacles facing young people today?

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Feminism & Pop Culture: The Future Wave

What makes a true modern feminist? We’re unpacking feminism’s many faces, past and present, and how it’s represented in pop culture in order to understand what the reality of supporting all women and gender equality actually looks like.

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Iconic Screen Couples

The most fascinating screen couples endear us with their one-of-a-kind relationships. Relive the ups and downs of some of film and TV’s iconic pairings as we investigate the many brands of romance.

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The Tropes, Explained Series

Who is the Cool Girl, the Woman-Child, the Nice Guy? Why do we love Bad Boys, Mean Girls, and Femme Fatales? All The Tropes examines some of pop culture’s most common archetypes and narratives, from the Geek to the Strong Black Woman to the Girl Next Door, to better understand the kinds of stories we tell.