Our Mission

Our mission is to deepen appreciation of the entertainment we’re watching. Audiences today are savvier and think more deeply about what they see onscreen. They want to engage, discuss, and connect with others online. That’s where we come in.

Our Origin Story

Hi, we’re Debra and Susannah, and we founded The Take by ScreenPrism because we love watching and thinking about movies and TV. We would walk out of a movie theater or finish a TV show and immediately want to know more. Sometimes there was a specific question, like what happened at the end of Inception, and other times it was something more interpretive, like what does winter symbolize in Game of Thrones. We both studied film at Yale and wanted to continue the great conversations we had in film classes out in the world. We believe there are a lot of other curious people like us who want to dig deeper, so we set out to build a shared community.

So much of our world today revolves around visual storytelling, but we don’t learn how to read visual language in school. Understanding pop culture and the stories we share is key to interpreting our world and our times. We bring our own expertise in film and visual storytelling, along with our network of writers, researchers, professors, and collaborators, to offer viewers helpful insights on these subjects.