What You Should Know About ‘Sinister’


When odd events and situations begin occurring in a family’s new house, that is never a good sign. In the film Sinister, this family is experiencing a scary new setting. The question is, can they figure out what is happening before it’s too late? This is a modern film that has a lot of classic horror film concepts to create something that all fans can enjoy. There are a lot of twists and turns, an intriguing history, and a terrifying villain. Anything can happen. There may be a lot of questions that one might have when it comes to this film. Here is all of the information that you should know about Sinister.

What inspired Sinister?

Sinister came from a nightmare. The film’s writer C. Robert Cargill had a nightmare after he watched the film The Ring. The nightmare was him discovering a film in the attic that showed the hanging of a family. After that nightmare, Cargill decided to make Sinister. When developing the film, he decided that he wanted to do a new take on the Boogeyman for the villain, in order to create something that children would be afraid of, but it would also have the capabilities to manipulate them at first. All of this combined for some true horror.

What is the monster in Sinister?

The monster in Sinister is called Bughuul. It is supposed to be an ancient Babylonionan god that is also relatively unknown. The story around Bughuul is that it would kill whole families, but take one of the children and consume its soul very slowly. Bughuul is associated with the images of a scorpion, snake, and a dog. These images are meant to give Bughuul permission to come from the spiritual world into the mortal world. Then, whenever a child comes in contact with these images together, Bughuul will possess the child. Bughull plays a large part in the film Sinister, and has a strong connection to the murders that occur.

How scary is Sinister?

The film received mixed reviews, with a 63% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 53 on Metacritic. However despite those mixed reviews, the critics could not deny the horror of this film. Even those who found it to be just okay saw this movie as undeniably scary and truly frightening. It may have used some tropes, but it was able to use them in the right ways to scare the audiences and the critics. In fact, a test was done that showed Sinister to be the scariest film. A study done by Broadband Choices tested this film in a group of fifty films to look at viewers’ heart rates. This film led to the highest jump in heart rates, proving that this is a film that can cause a lot of fear.

What connects Sinister to its sequel?

Three years after the original film came out, a sequel was released. The sequel is simply called Sinister 2. Most of the actors from the first film are not in this one, but there are important connections. The nameless deputy from the first film who helps give clues to the family on what is happening is the main character in this film. In this sequel, it seems that the deputy really wants to solve the mystery of all of these murders as they are such strange occurrences. He interacts with a new family in this film, but there are similar scary events happening. Some scary patterns from the first film are continuing in the film, but can the cycle be broken?