The Truth Behind ‘Nathan For You’


Over the years, comedian Nathan Fielder has proven his talents with his deadpan and awkward humor. His shows have seen a lot of success from critics, general audiences, and award shows. The show of his that has had the most success was his first big show, Nathan For You on Comedy Central. This was the first series where Fielder was the star and he did an excellent job in that role. Along with being hilarious, the series served as commentary on society and businesses. It can now be streamed on Hulu if people want to watch and understand the hype for this satire series.

What is Nathan For You about?

Nathan For You centers around Nathan Fielder, a business school graduate and comedian who wants to help out struggling businesses. He offers unconventional and bizarre business advice to entrepreneurs. These ideas are meant to attract customers and increase their revenue. The series offers an exploration of the absurdity of business practices. In addition, it raises questions about the ethics of the manipulative strategies and comedy stunts to boost businesses. The series went on for four seasons and showed just how wild marketing strategies can be.

How much of Nathan For You is real?

In Nathan For You, Nathan Fielder plays an exaggerated version of himself. While he did actually go to business school, he exaggerates some of his traits, like social awkwardness. The businesses he helps out are real businesses and the people that own those businesses are real people. They know that they are being filmed, but they do not know that this is all for a comedy show. Therefore, the majority of the show is improvised, but there is a general outline. The business owners assume Fielder is an expert so they will go with his outlandish suggestions, even if there is doubt, which is what makes the show so funny.

Where did the idea for Nathan For You come from?

The character that Nathan Fielder portrays on Nathan For You came from his time on the comedy series, This Hour Has 22 Minutes. In the series, he did segments with this character called “Nathan On Your Side”. The segments were so successful that they led to the show, which came to be after the series Jon Benjamin Has a Van was canceled. Fielder was also inspired by the subprime mortgage crisis and how people will sense something is wrong but not speak up about it.

What are some of the most well-known strategies from Nathan For You?

There are a variety of different types of marketing strategies featured in Nathan For You. Some were designed for a specific business, while others are general strategies. These tactics have brought a lot of attention from people who do not realize it is for a show. For instance, there was Dumb Starbucks, which offered modified versions of all of its products with the word “dumb” in front. A lot of people were curious about this place and went to attend without realizing it was for a show, which made everything all the more exciting. There was also the work Fielder did with a petting zoo where he made a video of a pig saving a baby goat. The video got picked up by many major news outlets and websites who were excited by the video. This video came out before Nathan For You even premiered, yet the video was able to get seven million views before that premiere, which shows that Fielder knows what the people want. There was also The Movement, which was marketing for a moving company that lifting boxes and household objects could be great exercise. That led to a book written about this exercise, which went on the Amazon Best Seller list. A lot of what Fielder has done has received a lot of attention, which demonstrates that the series is helping out in a way.