The Most Hilarious “Nathan For You” Episodes


“Nathan for You” is a critically acclaimed and hilarious docu-reality comedy television show created and hosted by comedian Nathan Fielder. The show combines elements of reality television, satire, and comedy, as Nathan works as a business advisor and offers outrageous and unconventional advice to struggling small businesses. With its unique blend of deadpan humor, absurd situations, awkward interactions, and unusual life experiences, “Nathan for You” has produced numerous side-splitting episodes. While it’s challenging to narrow down the funniest episodes, here are four standout episodes that have left viewers in stitches.

1. “Dumb Starbucks” (Season 2, Episode 1):

“Dumb Starbucks” is perhaps one of the most famous and memorable episodes of “Nathan for You.” Nathan helps a struggling coffee shop owner by transforming the café into a parody of Starbucks, named “Dumb Starbucks.” The episode brilliantly satirizes intellectual property and corporate and advertisement culture. His deadpan delivery of absurd ideas, coupled with Nathan’s explanation of legal loopholes, makes this episode a comedic masterpiece.

3. “Pizzeria (Season 1, Episode 1):

In the episode “Pizzeria” audiences are off the bat presented with the true comedic abilities of Nathan Fielder. In this episode, Nathan comes up with a scheme to heighten business performance for a local pizzeria. He promises customers an 8-minute pizza delivery or the cost of their pizza is free. However, in this advertisement, it is never specified which pizza would be free. Aware of this unrealistic business strategy, Nathan is late to all pizza deliveries, in which he then presents customers with a tiny 1-inch-sized free pizza. The comedy of this episode stems from its absurdly idiotic premise and hilarious visuals making it an undeniable choice for this list.

4. “The Hero” (Season 4, Episode 3):

In this episode, Nathan attempts to transform an average everyday citizen into a death-defying hero. He prepares for a tight-rope walk throughout the episode with the intent of transforming himself into Corey, a man in need of a transformation to place his life back on track. The absurdity of this episode combined with the comedic elements of Nathan’s visual transformation and genuine efforts to perform a dangerous tight-rope walk makes this episode simultaneously hilarious and unforgettable.

4. “Finding Frances” (Season 4, Episode 7):

While this episode takes a slightly different format from the rest of the series, it is widely regarded as one of the show’s finest and funniest episodes. The episode’s run time clocks in at a whopping 84 minutes, a stark contrast to its average 25-minute long episodes.

“Finding Frances’ follows Nathan’s attempts to reunite an aging Bill Gates impersonator with a lost love from his youth. While the episode delves into themes of nostalgia and loneliness, the dynamics between Nathan and William, the Bill Gates impersonator, generate an overall awkward and hilarious atmosphere. As the episode progresses secrets of William’s long-lost love are uncovered. The episode’s ability to combine humor, emotional depth, and surprising twists, leaves viewers simultaneously laughing and pondering the complexities of human relationships.

These episodes represent just a fraction of the comedic brilliance that “Nathan for You” offers. The show’s unique blend of deadpan humor, outrageous concepts, and uncomfortable situations consistently delivers hilarious results. With its ability to push boundaries and create memorable moments, “Nathan for You” has firmly established itself as one of the funniest and most innovative shows in recent television history.