The Sex Lives of College Girls: Answering Your Burning Questions


The Sex Lives of College Girls is one of the more popular young adult series currently on Max. Following the awkward Kimberly Finkle (Pauline Chalamet), sporty Whitney Chase (Alyah Chanelle Scott), wacky Bela Malhotra (Amrit Kaur), and stylish Leighton Murray (Reneé Rapp), this series is showing fans what college friendships are really like. There is a lot of fun comedy in this show, but there is also some interesting drama. There is something for everyone. Before starting the series, there may be some potential viewers who have some questions. People may want to know a little bit about what they are getting into and could be curious about some storylines that they have heard rumors about. Audiences do not necessarily have to start a series in the dark. Here are all of the answers that you may be looking for if you want to start The Sex Lives of College Girls.

How much time has The Sex Lives of College Girls covered so far?

The Sex Lives of College Girls tells the stories of four suitemates in their freshman year of college. The first season of the series follows the girls from move in day to just before Thanksgiving break. As the season wraps up, the girls are wrapping up their midterms. The second season picks up when the girls get back from Thanksgiving break. After seeing the girls during the Christmas season, new trimesters, the springtime, and pre-frosh days for upcoming new students, the second season ends at the end of the girls’ freshmen year. They are finishing up finals and deciding on rooms for the next year when the season ends. Even though the two seasons are both ten episodes, a lot more time is covered in season two. Between these two seasons, a lot of these girls’ college experience is covered, but there is so much to go for the upcoming third season.

What kind of college is Essex College?

In The Sex Lives of College Girls, the girls attend the fictional Essex College. This is not a real college, but the series gives clues as to what type of college Essex College is supposed to be. It is set in a small town in Vermont, and the classic and large college buildings demonstrate that this is supposed to be an old college. There are several references in the show that this college is supposed to be prestigious and on par with Ivy League colleges. Considering Leighton’s family comes from old money and is a legacy at this school demonstrates a high reputation, as does the fact that three billionaires have sent their students to Essex. The different programs and majors seem to have great reputations with many alumni going on to success. In addition, since it is frequently referred to as college instead of university, there might not be a graduate school. There also seem to be liberal arts college vibes. Even though Essex College is not real, it appears to be a fantastic school

What is The Catullan?

Bela mentioned that the main reason why she decided to go to Essex College was to write for The Catullan. The Catullan is Essex’s renowned comedy magazine that has a long history. It is basically seen as a feeder program to Saturday Night Live and other late night shows, and has an overall large reputation in the comedy world. There is a long process to be a writer for the magazine as it is a very selective publication. However, it can be seen as a bit of a boy’s club due to men historically taking over the comedy genre. The Catullan is supposed to be similar to magazine’s like The Harvard Lampoon, or The Dartmouth Jack O’Lantern, which creator Mindy Kaling worked on. It is comedy magazines like The Catullan that can be a real stepping stone in comedy.

What happened to Nico?

In the first season, a lot of the drama centered around Nico Murray (Gavin Leatherwood). He is Leighton’s hot older brother who is in charge of one of the coolest frats on campus, Theta. He and Kimberly build a sexual connection that Kimberly thinks is the real deal. However, it turns out he had a girlfriend the whole time. Kimberly decides to steal the tests from Theta that everyone uses to cheat on their exams and turn them in when she gets caught cheating on an exam. Because of this, Nico and other members of Theta get kicked out of Essex. Luckily, Nico and Leighton’s dad are able to get Nico into Cornell for the new school year. Gavin Leatherwood left the cast before season two so he is not in the second season at all, which can be jarring. However, the role of eye candy is taken over by Jackson (Mitchell Slaggert), who may be just what Kimberly needs.