Everything You Need to Know About Freaky Friday 2

jamie lee curtis and lindsey Lohan

The nostalgic yet beloved film Freaky Friday is getting a long-awaited sequel. Oscar Award winner Jamie Lee Curtis, also known as the scream queen legend, is reuniting with her on-screen daughter, mega-star of the early 2000s Lindsay Lohan. They will both be starring in Freaky Friday 2. A sequel has been a long-held dream for fans of the series, considering the popularity it has accumulated over the years and Lohan’s recent return to acting.

What Will Freaky Friday 2 Be About?

Considering Freaky Friday 2 just started filming in late June, much of the plot is still very much under wraps. According to various sources, specifically Lohan and Curtis, the sequel will stay true to the original film, featuring comedy and family elements. Freaky Friday has been enjoyed by many generations, sharing laughter and fun, so expect the sequel to have the same feel as the original film.

As for the plot itself, it still hasn’t been fully revealed. However, the IMDb page synopsis reads as follows:

“Anna Coleman and her mother Tess are in another predicament when they swap bodies with Anna’s daughter. Now it’s up to the three to reverse the body swap.”

With this logline in mind, a number of things can transpire. Either Anna and Tess take turns inside Anna’s daughter’s body, or Anna, Tess, and the daughter switch bodies. Anna could end up as her daughter (or her mother again), the daughter as Tess (or her mother), and Tess as either the daughter or Anna (or Anna again). Any combination will be a whirlwind of fun, considering how complicated the predicament was in the first film.

Who will be in Freaky Friday 2?

As stated previously, Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan will reprise their roles as Tess Coleman and Anna Coleman, respectively. Lohan has been reviving her acting career in the last few years, starring in two Netflix original films with modest success: Falling for Christmas and Irish Wish. Many of her loyal fans are excited to see her return to success again.

On the other hand, Curtis won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 2023 for her role in Everything Everywhere All at Once. She has also guest-starred in the hit TV show The Bear.

As for other familiar faces, expect to see Anna’s love interest Jake, played by Chad Michael Murray, and Tess’s fiancé, now presumably husband, Ryan, played by Mark Harmon. Anna’s bandmates/best friends Maddie and Peg, played by Christina Vidal and Haley Hudson, will also reprise their roles. Freaky Friday would not be the same without Stephen Tobolowsky’s Mr. Bates, Rosalind Chao’s Pei-Pei, and the one who started this fiasco in the first place, Lucille Soong as Pei-Pei’s Mom. Unfortunately, the actor Ryan Malgarini, who played Harry, Anna’s little brother, retired from acting in 2020, with his last credited role in Dinner in America. Whether they recast that character or write off the character in an alternative way remains to be seen.

Freaky Friday 2 is set to be released in 2025.