Daredevil - Friend / Unfriend?

Matt Murdock: Should you add Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil) as a Facebook “friend”? Seems like a swell guy. That said, you shouldn’t get too excited - he’s probably too busy to check his Facebook page or even his messages, so you’re likely to feel ignored. (If it’s important, you’re better off screaming “Help! Help!” from a dark alley than posting to his wall.) And if you’re like his best friend, Foggy Nelson, you’re going to be annoyed with how hot all his few female friends are, anyway. All in all, Murdock maintains a very short list of ongoing friends, which means you’re going to standout as a target. Being on his Friends List is probably a good way to get yourself killed.

Recommendation: DO NOT FRIEND. (Note: If you have already Friended him, just Unfriend. He may not notice, and if he does, he’ll probably understand.)

Wilson Fisk: Sure, past his sweet and shy side, Wilson Fisk (aka Kingpin) is a power-hungry, raged-filled murderer. That said, he’s well-dressed, swell to his mom, sits by his friends in the hospital, orders great wine and picks up the tab, and more. He’s got good contacts all over the city, from police and politicians, to top local restaurateurs. This could be very useful, if you use Facebook for networking.

Recommendation: cautiously FRIEND. (Note: Remember his birthday. Do NOT argue with his Facebook posts.)

Karen Page: Here’s an extremely smart, charming, warm-hearted, beautiful young career woman, who seems to have no friends from her previous jobs, no friends from her previous residences, and no friends from anywhere else in her past. Her current Friends List consists primarily of her bosses Matt Murdock and Foggy Wilson, the reporter Ben Urich - who she got killed, and the lovely old lady Elena Cardenas - who she got killed. Perhaps equal to her talent at getting friends (as well as coworkers) killed, is her talent at making enemies - Wilson Fisk being key among them. And unlike Murdock, if you yell “Help! Help!” in a dark alley, she’s not likely to hear you, never mind be able to save you.

Recommendation: Are you crazy? DO NOT FRIEND.

Foggy Nelson: Foggy may not have a huge number of friends, but he seems less likely to get them killed than Murdock or Page. An excellent wingman and faithful drinking buddy, Foggy Nelson has much to recommend him. Loyal, fun, and a good conversationalist, he’s smart, hardworking, well-meaning and altruistic without being a stick-in-the mud. He’s also reasonably accepting and forgiving if your friendship gets off-track. Foggy has been known to save people he is close to (getting them medical attention, taking a bat to their attackers), and seems able to keep past friendships, even rekindle old romances. Because of this, one can imagine him having a decent number of Facebook Friends who he has not inadvertently gotten murdered. When it comes to Friending someone, this can be key.

Recommendation: cautiously FRIEND.