Why The Millennial v. Gen Z War Should End

Gen Z and millennials are at war. The youths are gleefully taking down their elders’ habits on social media, whether it’s over millennial fashion choices, their fixations on coffee and wine, their laments about “adulting,” or their fondness for sorting themselves into Harry Potter houses. But this online bickering—however light-hearted and silly it is in many cases—obscures that millennials and zoomers are more similar than they appear. Both have come of age amidst social upheavals and are facing diminishing prospects for financial security. And if Gen Z is now pushing for greater inclusivity and change in our mainstream cultural values, that’s possible in part thanks to the work those millennial “snowflakes” have already put in. Here’s our Take on the Gen Z-millennial war, what they have in common despite their different taste in emojis, and why they’re stronger together.