Who Is Involved with AMC’s “Humans?” Why Remake a Swedish show for British/USA Audiences?

AMC’s Humans (2015) is a British remake of a well-received Swedish television program titled called Real Humans (2012). It was originally scheduled to be produced by Xbox Entertainment’s film studios, but when they shut their doors in 2014, production was up for grabs by other networks. Hoping to translate the series into something that would appeal to English-speaking markets, Channel 4 in the UK and AMC in America co-produced the series for almost simultaneous releases on both sides of the pond.

“AMC executive Joel Stillerman hailed his producing partners’ “long-standing commitment to smart and deeply original drama series,” while Kudos and Channel 4 said that “the prospect of working together [with AMC] to deliver a drama of genuine scale and originality to the screen is enormously exciting.” - Digitalspy

The series is written by Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley, who both previously wrote for MI-5 (2002). Humans stars Colin Morgan, most known for the title role on BBC’s Merlin (2008), Gemma Chan of Secret Diary of a Call Girl (2007) and Sherlock (2010), Katherine Parkinson of the hilarious BBC sitcom The IT Crowd (2006), veteran of stage and screen William Hurt, along with Tom Goodman-Hill, Will Tudor, Rebecca Front, among others.

The list of episode directors includes Lewis Arnold, Samuel Donovan and China Moo-Young. Executive producer and former Kudos CEO Jane Featherstone, known for work on MI-5, Gracepoint (2014), The Smoke (2014), Law & Order: UK (2009), Broadchurch (2013), Life on Mars (2006) and many other series takes executive producer cred on Humans with Lars Lundström, Derek Wax, Henrik Widman, and series writers Brackley and Vincent.

So far, preliminary responses to the program have been great. It has also employed some unique marketing strategies, such as installing a fake storefront for the series’ Persona Synthetics on London’s Regent Street and hiring Synth-like people to wander town.