Tutorial - How to Create Articles on The Take

​The new format for content allows content to be entered in blocks comprising of text, images and video elements. Multiples of any element can be added and the order of elements reordered using the drag bars on the top left of each block. This makes managing longer articles easier. There are no minimum or maximum limits on content blocks however performance may suffer if articles are overly complex.

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​You can separate out blockquotes for effect. Like all other blocks it can be dragged into any position in the content flow.

​When adding images it is good practice to use a consistent naming format and be descriptive when naming images. This will make it easier to manage and identify image assets in the future. Correctly named images also have an SEO benefit. Uploaded images should be no larger than 1280 pixels on the longest side and landscape images in 16:9 ratio are preferred.


Related articles can be directly selected from the left hand pane and then reordered in the righthand pane using the drag bar on the left of each title.


The feature image is the specially designed image that appear on the homepage. Only articles that are featured on the homepage require a feature image to be uploaded. There are two formats required, one for medium/large and one for mobile screens.

​Legacy Fields

At the top of the entry screen you will see the Legacy Fields tab. This tab contains the content imported from the previous site (Screenprism) that cannot be updated to the new content format. The content in these fields can be updated and edited but to avoid confusion these fields should not be used for adding new articles.

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