The Bimbo Trope, Explained - Reclaiming the Label

The “Bimbo” is a label that for a long time has been seen as purely negative. But who gets to define who or what a Bimbo is? And is there anything positive about being a Bimbo? While the Himbo (or male bimbo) has been on the rise, for a long time it seemed like the female “Bimbo” label was too unambiguously critical to be salvaged. Now, at last, the Bimbo movement has begun, led by a series of semi-ironic TikTok videos that call for respecting hyper-femininity and redefining Bimbo culture as an inclusive, empowering mindset. Here’s our Take on pop-culture Bimbos, and why it’s important to include them on the spectrum of femininity.