How Kate Middleton Branded Motherhood

Kate Middleton’s personal “Mum” brand juggles aspiration and relatability, mirroring the impossible expectations put on all working moms today—to be perfectly put-together and professionally successful, while also feeling normal, down-to-earth, and never too busy to put the kids first.

Our collective rhetoric has largely moved past the idea of women “having it all,” but the Duchess of Cambridge embodies how modern moms are still expected to do it all. We can see how the Duchess reflects broader mom trends: how women are having babies later when their careers are more established, how the “work” and “mom” identities are becoming more integrated, and how parental load is at last more talked about.

Kate’s motherhood brand is also part of how the monarchy is attempting to update itself for the 21st century. Embodying a traditionalism that’s simultaneously accessible and up-to-date, Kate appears to both appeal to a conservative idea of the English mum and align with more contemporary conversations and sensibilities.