What exactly does Hank say to Manny at the end of Swiss Army Man?


What does Hank say to Manny at the end of Swiss Army Man?

Swiss Army Man is a 2016 movie about Hank, a stranded man on an island who finds a dead body, Manny. The film depicts the relationship that develops between Hank and Manny as Hank tries to find a way to get back to civilization. The movie is known for its surrealism, quirky humor, and its touching portrayal of friendship. However, one of the most memorable scenes in the movie is the ending, where Hank reveals something profound to Manny. This blog will explore what Hank tells Manny at the end of Swiss Army Man. The film stars Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano on a deserted island. It’s directed by The Daniels, Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan. It’s full of rich storytelling and a bit of weirdness from the iconic filmmakers.

The Context of the Final Scene

The final scene of Swiss Army Man occurs after Hank and Manny have had many adventures together. The scene begins with Hank crying over Manny’s body, which has now become a part of the island. Hank is then approached by a group of people who have come to rescue him, but instead of leaving with them, he decides to stay behind. This decision sets the stage for the final conversation between Hank and Manny.

Hank’s Revelation

In the final conversation, Hank reveals to Manny that Manny is just a figment of his imagination. Hank explains that Manny was a projection of his desires and needs and created Manny to help him cope with his loneliness and despair. Hank tells Manny that he needs someone to talk to, to share his thoughts and feelings with, and to keep him company. Manny was the embodiment of those needs, but he was never a real person. He was simply a manifestation of Hank’s subconscious mind.

The Significance of Hank’s Revelation

Hank’s revelation has several implications for the audience. Firstly, it highlights the power of the human mind to create and shape reality. Hank was able to create Manny out of his thoughts and desires, and in doing so, he was able to find meaning and purpose in his life. Secondly, it suggests that our relationships with others are often more complex than we realize. Hank’s relationship with Manny was not just a simple friendship but a reflection of Hank’s psyche. Finally, it suggests that sometimes the people we need the most are the ones we create ourselves.

The symbolism of Manny’s body

The symbolism of Manny’s body is essential to the final scene in Swiss Army Man. Throughout the movie, Manny’s body serves as a tool for Hank to survive and navigate his environment. However, Manny’s body takes on a new significance in the final scene. As Hank cries over Manny’s body, we see that Manny has become a part of the island. His body has become intertwined with the natural world as vines and branches have grown around him. This symbolizes Hank’s acceptance of his situation and his newfound appreciation for the beauty of the natural world.

Earlier in the movie, Hank is shown to be disconnected from nature. He is focused solely on his survival and will do whatever it takes to get off the island. However, through his relationship with Manny, he learns to appreciate the natural world around him. Manny’s body becoming a part of the island is a visual representation of Hank’s new connection to the natural world. Furthermore, Manny’s body becoming a part of the island can be interpreted as a metaphor for life’s impermanence. Even though Hank created Manny to be his companion, Manny was always meant to die. Manny’s body can continue to exist in a new form by becoming a part of the island. This might be interpreted as a remark on the cycle of life and death, as well as the belief that nothing completely vanishes; it simply transforms into something else.

The Role of Imagination in Coping with Loneliness

The role of imagination in coping with loneliness is a prominent theme in Swiss Army Man. Hank, stranded on an island and struggling with despair and loneliness, creates Manny to cope with his situation. Throughout the movie, Hank uses his imagination to bring Manny to life. He talks to Manny, teaches him about the world, and even creates elaborate scenarios in which they can interact. He can overcome his loneliness and find a sense of purpose by doing so. Hank’s relationship with Manny is a testament to the power of imagination. Hank can connect with another being through Manny, even if that being is not real. The fact that Manny is a corpse is irrelevant; what matters is Hank’s connection with him. The movie’s surrealism reinforces this theme. Manny’s ability to talk and move despite being dead is an example of how imagination can overcome the limitations of reality. Hank’s ability to bring Manny to life with his thoughts demonstrates that imagination may be a strong tool for coping with challenging emotions and situations.

Moreover, the movie suggests that imagination is not just a coping mechanism but can also create meaning in life. Hank’s interactions with Manny give him a sense of purpose and allow him to connect with something beyond himself. In this way, imagination can be seen as a way of transcending loneliness and finding a sense of connection and meaning in life.


The ending of Swiss Army Man is a poignant and powerful moment that leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Hank’s revelation that Manny was a figment of his imagination is a powerful reminder of the power of the human mind and the complexity of human relationships. The movie’s themes of loneliness, friendship, and the search for meaning all come together in this final scene, making it one of the most memorable moments in modern cinema. Whether you like or dislike the film, the last sequence and its message have an undeniable impact.