What Does “Game of Thrones” Say About Love? How Does That Apply to Life in Westeros?


Game of Thrones is filled with death, deceit, hate, lies and fear - but love is an equally prominent theme throughout the story. It comes in all forms, and often serves as a struggle against duty. Ned must weigh his love for his family against his duty to his King when he’s called to serve in Westeros. Jon Snow falls in love with a Wildling, an act in opposition with his duty to the Night’s Watch. A similar situation befalls Sam. Daenerys Targaryen falls in love with her husband Dothraki Khal Drogo who, upon his death, helps give Daenerys the confidence in herself and the strength to be fight for her place as the rightful queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

Love is shown as important, as most of the “good” or “favorite” characters have demonstrated an ability to love. It also helps to amplify the realities of these characters duties when called upon, as they’re always forced to decide whether to follow the path of duty or the path of love.