TikTok’s ‘High Maintenance to be Low Maintenance Trend’ Explained

Bella Hadid

Can being a high-maintenance girl actually make you low-maintenance?!

TikTokers love sharing their in-depth (often pretty lengthy) self-care and maintenance routines - but they’ve also started to notice something surprising: their high-maintenance tendencies actually make them low-maintenance in life.

Getting a monthly facial may seem overindulgent, but having perfect skin and not needing to wear makeup is a real timesaver. User Rachael Potash found that lash extensions allowed her to skip mascara altogether.

Organizing all of your clothes and makeup just so may seem over the top, but it can actually help you speed up your daily routine because you’re not always searching for things when getting ready.

These users have found that being high-maintenance has actually allowed them more time to focus on other things they care about day to day.

Now, this might be one beauty trend we can actually get behind!