The New Ozempic Craze & Its Big Problem


Ozempic is the latest get-thin-quick drug that’s doing the rounds on social media… but it’s already causing a lot of problems.

First of all, Ozempic isn’t a weight-loss drug. It’s a diabetes drug that regulates blood sugar and insulin, which happens to also make people feel full faster, causing them to lose weight quickly.

And because celebrities — and now ordinary people — have cottoned on to this, there’s now a worldwide shortage.

The irony is: people who have taken Ozempic for weight loss are already having regrets. As soon as it began going viral, so did the hashtag #OzempicFace, referring to the gaunt, aging effect that drastic weight loss can have on people.

But really, this isn’t people’s fault, or even social media’s: it’s whoever’s been prescribing it.

So everyone… let’s leave this medication for the people whose life it’s going to save.