On “Better Call Saul,” What Is the History Between Jimmy and Kim?


The first season of Better Call Saul (2015) is full of subtext and inference about the relationship between Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) and HHM litigator Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn). The series gives audiences the impression the two have likely had a romantic history together, but their very different life situations and goals have made their relationship a challenge. They both harbor feelings for one another but find it hard to put them to good use.

Jimmy has a conflict with HHM for not hiring him as a lawyer, and the firm not only employs Kim, but put her through law school. She’s a pragmatist and doesn’t want to bite the hand that fed her, but she can’t ignore her feelings for Jimmy.

In a Variety interview with Rhea Seehorn about her character’s relationship with Jimmy, she said:

“I can’t define it and I am very happy about that. They have a deep intimacy. The way Vince [Gilligan] and Peter [Gould] want to map out relationships — I’m so happy they don’t want to make it black or white. There’s a lot there. I think they give the audience teasers of this deep history, but it’s not spelled out with any kind of label yet. I’m excited to have people watch that play out and see where it goes.”

She also told Design&Trend “There is great love there, intimacy, and history in their relationship.”

Beyond that, it’s likely that only Vince Gilligan and the writing staff know more details about the couple’s past. Any speculation at present would be just that, but the show will undoubtedly fill in the blanks as it moves forward.