Margot, the perfect Barbie

Margot Robbie is the perfect person to play Barbie, but it’s not just because of her looks.

People underestimate the political bite Barbie has always had. When the doll came out, little girls were encouraged to just play with baby dolls – so it was revolutionary to have a doll who inspired adult play scenarios and eventually taking on elite careers.

This secret power is why Margot is a great choice to play her. Margot broke out in Hollywood as a bombshell in The Wolf of Wall Street, but since then, her roles have often played with, investigated or dismantled that image.

Margot’s roles often subtly acknowledge that we were introduced to her as an object of desire, but they also reframe what that means – making us see her as a person, who’s also a lot more than just something to look at. This thread of self-awareness underpinning her choices might give us an idea of what to expect from her Barbie, too.

And in addition to always bringing a witty, self-possessed air to her public persona, she has also (like Barbie) worn many hats - from bombshell to character actor to producer.

Despite her acting range and her success as a producer, Margot’s still thought of predominantly as a blonde bombshell. So that gives her a natural kinship with the Barbie character – both tend to be viewed through a specific, often limiting lens, but have always contained a depth and a richness that should be appreciated.