In “Cake,” What Drew Jennifer Aniston to the Role of Claire?


Jennifer Aniston has stated that upon hearing about the role and reading the script for Cake (2014), she immediately wanted to take on the project.

“It’s kind of that dream role for any actor because there’s so much to explore,” she continued. “What a beautiful human experience to sort of journey with, and to come out at the end with hope after starting something that was a tough one.” - Interview from US Magazine

Typically cast in comedies, she went on to discuss how it’s good for an actor to be challenged and explore different styles. Her expert comedic timing did help the dark comedic undertone of Claire’s character in Cake.

She also noted in an interview with NPR that she doesn’t see drama as a complete departure from her revered comedy roles, because all acting involves components of both. Her words:

“I feel like I scratched an itch that’s been needing to be scratched and I want very much to play really wonderful characters and telling a story, exposing a human experience, comedy or drama or both infused. I mean I think comedy and drama go hand in hand. You know, life isn’t one or the other.”