In “The Blue Room,” What’s the Significance of the Flies on the Walls in the Courtroom?


The Blue Room’s (2014) drama primarily exists within two blue rooms, each serving as an opposing pole of a shared chain of events - the blue room where Julien (Mathieu Amalric) and Esther (Stéphanie Cléau) perform their adulterous relations, and the blue courtroom where they face the consequences of their lustful affair.

A fantastic early shot in the film during the “did she bite you often?” interrogation scenario shows Esther’s naked, post-coital body on the bed, glistened with sweat, as a fly gently lands on her belly. Near the film’s climax in the courtroom, Julien is recounting the conversation in which Esther asked if he could spend his life with her - a pivotal moment in the film’s causality - when he notices flies on the wall’s blue treatment. This odd decoration rounds out the symbolism between the story’s two blue rooms and the actions that connected them.

The camera lingers on Julien staring at the courtroom walls as he goes over that conversation in his head. He’s making the connection in his mind, and we’re making it along with him.