In “Run Lola Run,” Who Is The Man In The Ambulance?


Most of the characters in Run Lola Run (1998) appear in roughly the same spots in each of the film’s three sequences. One of Lola’s (Franka Potente) interactions is not with a character, but with an ambulance threatening to crash through a large glass plate being carried across the street.

It’s not until the third sequence that we see inside the ambulance and meet the human within. The problem is, the guy doesn’t look so great and it’s hard to tell who he is. Most of the males in the film look somewhat similar. Add some sweat and panic and throw them on a gurney and you’ve got an indistinct fellow.

It’s actually the security guard at the bank. In sequence two, the guard clutches his chest as if he’s having a heart attack after Lola holds up the bank. In the third sequence, when he sees Lola outside, he stares at her and we can hear the sound of a heartbeat pounding. In that sequence, he also makes a strange comment to Lola, “You’ve come at last, dear” - as if he thinks he’s seeing an angel.