Euphoria - Maddy - Building Confidence


Maddy on Euphoria is teaching us all how to build confidence by faking it ‘till we make it.

Maddy’s highly aware of the constructed nature of confidence. While Maddy was always self-possessed, she chose to build up her confidence like a kind of armor, because she realized that the secret is simply appearing confident.

She makes sure that every inch of her outward persona radiates teen girl power. She uses fashion and makeup as a weapon, which helps her build her confidence from the outside in.

She studies the mannerisms of the rich women she sees at the nail salon, and she tries on the outfits of the woman she babysits for, literally putting herself in Natasha’s shoes to see if she’d enjoy that role. And Maddy’s role model is a character in a movie: Sharon Stone’s Ginger in Casino. LIke Ginger, Maddy appears both very noticeable and sort of enigmatic at the same time, because of the total control she exercises over her image. But if someone crosses either of them, they’re in big trouble.