Will Carmy and Syndey Finally Get Together in Season 3 of the Bear?

the. bear Carmy and Sydney

Fans of The Bear series have eagerly anticipated the potential for a slow-burn romance between Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) and Sydney (Ayo Edebiri). In many respects, Carmy has been seen as a mentor, a coach, and a well-established chef in Sydney’s eyes. She was the student early in Season 1, yet slowly and steadily, in Season 2, she began to take her own path. Based on the Season 3 trailer, they co-run The Bear restaurant, but of course, not without any issues. Despite the main plotline being the restaurant’s survival, the connective relationships formed through the series have had fans shipping the two characters since day one. Their shared scenes, filled with subtle glances and unspoken understanding, have sparked the imagination of many fans.

Romance is Not the Main Plot of The Bear

Yet, the series has proven that romance is not a priority. It wasn’t until Carmy and Sydney found companionship—albeit with other characters. Carmy reignited his relationship with Claire (Molly Gordon), an old crush, while Sydney’s friendship with Marcus (Lionel Boyce) grew stronger. Although Sydney and Marcus have not yet shared a blatant romantic moment, their bond hints at the potential for more. Despite these other romantic pairings, fans continue to hold out hope for a Carmy-Sydney romance.

Carmy and Sydney’s Relationship Status in Season 3

Unfortunately, it appears Carmy and Sydney will not be romantically connected. While speaking with Vanity Fair, Jeremy Allen White and Ayo Edebiri stated that romance would not happen anytime soon. White specifically said, “There was no talk in the rooms about any romantic implications [between Carmy and Sydney].” Edebiri added, “Carmy is somebody that I think she’s really looked up to, but now is sort of in the thick of doing business with.”

On the one hand, this is good news for people who ship them solely as a platonic relationship, while some will be piecing away at their shared scenes in Season 3 and romanticizing them. However, it should be remembered that both characters have already appeared to be set up with another character, and there is apparent unfinished business between Claire and Carmy. In a narrative sense, Carmy is still very much conflicted about what he wants, and it wouldn’t make sense if he and Sydney started dating.

Fans Shouldn’t Give Up on Carmy and Syndey’s Romantic Pairing

At the same time, fans shouldn’t exactly give up. There have been many instances when strictly platonic characters have gotten together, whether for purposeful reasons or because of fan influence. For instance, in the hit romantic vampire show The Vampire Diaries, Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice King) were best friends for a few seasons before dating. Their love was slow and steady. In contrast, Outer Banks, the Netflix teen adventure show, had originally paired Kiara (Madison Bailey) with Pope (Jonathan Daviss). Still, the writers thought it best to change the couple because of her strong chemistry with JJ (Rudy Pankow), and the fans rallying behind this pairing also impacted this change.

Jeremy and Ayo Dating Rumors

Adding to the intrigue, there have been rumors of a real-life relationship between Ayo Edebiri and Jeremy Allen White. Their cozy outing at a Cubs baseball game, where they were seen cuddling, has fueled speculation. If these rumors are true, they could potentially influence the on-screen dynamics between their characters, adding another layer of complexity to the narrative. Real-life relationships can often seep into on-screen chemistry, and this could be a factor to consider when analyzing the potential for a Carmy-Sydney romance, further blurring the lines between fiction and reality.

It would not be unheard of if the writers changed the romantic pairing because of real-life couplings. There have also been times when costars who are dating have influenced the couplings on the correlating show to ensure that the chemistry is top-tier. For instance, Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush dated during CW’s popular series One Tree Hill’s run and married in real life. Originally, Murray’s character, Lucas, was solely in love with Peyton. However, it was speculated that the reason for the back and forth in Lucas’s love life came from the fact that he and Bush were dating- then married and divorced in a span of a couple of years. This real-life relationship drama added a layer of complexity to the on-screen romance, making it more intriguing for the audience.

Either way, it’s a good thing Carmy and Sydney aren’t going to be together, considering it wouldn’t make sense narratively, and ultimately, it’s better to have a romance that’s a slow burn through the series than have it rushed awkwardly. It’s also rare to see two characters of the opposite gender be friends and stay that way without a hint of romantic undertones, so perhaps The Bear could be one of the firsts.

Make sure to watch season three of The Bear, streaming on FX and Hulu on June 27th.